Our Services

Our programs provide a wide range of services which address the needs of our families. Our services include onsite clinical services, social work services, case management and advocacy services as well. Other beneficial services we provision include employment and job readiness counseling and we also assist in sourcing and finding permanent housing. The assistance we provide reaches far beyond the aforementioned. More added beneficial services include ongoing workshops and support groups with all of our programs.

One of the most paramount things for us is ensuring the needs of the children in the families we work with are more than met. Our staff works closely with the parents to assist them in obtaining the proper medical services and help with daycare and afterschool programs. Two of our programs offer onsite daycare programs and afterschool programs. In consideration of school closings, federal holidays and downtime in the summer months, we offer full time programs to bridge schedule down time to our older school age children. This makes it extremely convenient for the parents of our families to handle other important tasks in a timely manner without the possible frustration of having to find a sitter. Continue below for a more in depth reading for each of the services we provide.

Clinical Services: The social work staff provides support and assistance to homeless families and children in transitional housing. They assist families navigate through multiple systems and help families cope with stressors and anxiety that may be experienced while residing in the homeless system. Through, advocacy, crisis intervention, short-term counseling, and life skill workshops; the social work team to assist families with discharge planning for a smooth transition into permanent housing by connecting families to needed services and resources in their new community.

Case Management: The casework staff works closely with each family member
towards building skills of self- sufficiency in order to equip the family with the basic skills needed to maintain and sustain permanent housing when relocating back into the community. Staff provides supportive services by linking families to government agencies and community based programs to assist families with addressing needs such as entitlements, child care, mental health services, employment, educational and vocational services and etc.

Housing Assistance: The housing staff works closely with each family to develop an exit strategy that will assist the family with securing permanent housing as expeditiously as possible. They build extensive relationships with DHS, Section 8, NYCHA, and HPD, and network with private landlords and real estate brokers to ensure that each family is linked to the appropriate housing program/provider to address each family’s needs.

Building Operations: CRF- Cluster Model Program operations department serves as the liaison between the program and the local building management team. They ensure that the units that the families reside in are safe and habitable upon entry and throughout their shelter stay.

Daycare Services: Our onsite Daycare services is designed to provide child care and early learn opportunities for children ages to __, as well as, promote an enriching experience for both parent and child (Tier II only).

Recreation Services: Our onsite recreation program provides services to children ages 5 to 12 surrounding educational, recreational and cultural activities (Tier II only).