About Us

Who We Are

Our core purpose is to serve individuals and families experiencing homelessness with our critical services, empowering them to become independent. We help people become self-sufficient, motivated, and productive in obtaining permanent housing and ensuring their

children’s education and healthcare.

Our Milestones

Homelessness imposes several factors upon an individual’s economic and psychological condition, disproportionately affecting children as they continue to grow, leaving a long-lasting scar. Homelessness is a cycle that can be broken if it’s interrupted at the beginning, starting with the children.


Our History

Established and operated since 1992, the Children’s Rescue Fund agency continues to help and enable thousands of families to transition from homelessness to stable independent housing. We are dedicated to restoring and instilling dignity, self esteem and independence so that families and our community collectively are strengthened.


Upcoming Sites

We look forward to the addition of our upcoming sites: the CRF Union Hall in 11/2023, and the CRF Powell House in 12/2023.


Get Involved

We are a growing team and have plenty of job and volunteer opportunities available at CRF.